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Bike Hire
The Colour of the Paint
The Paddle Handed
Summer Rains
Biddeford station
The Atlantic Express Cafe
Iron hands
Dusk Moments
Sea Fever
Till Another Day
The Appledore Visitors
Low tide at Instow
Holiday Heaven
The Waves
Laps the Waves
A Warm August
Good People
Tweet of the day
The bright blue sky
Elvish Tricks
Our summer holiday
Tarka Trail
Cycling on the Tarka Trail
The Tarka Trail
A Day on the Tarka Trail
The Tickling Wind
Yorkshire Love
The Perfect Summers Day
Two smiley little sheps
Instow Cafe
Going Home
Six Wheeler
Fare Well
Blues in the sky
Gilliflower Apple at Bucks Meadow Orchard
Cages Kilns
Tide bound


The goal of Tarka Trail Poetry Pin is to share and discover poetry by walking with your device in a localised zone.

Each pin on the map represents a poem. The tall pins are locked poems, you cannot read them yet. Unlock a poem by walking within a short distance of the pin. The poem's title will appear in the "Unlocked Poems" list. Tap the title to read a poem.

To add your own poetry, tap the "Add Poem" button in the top right. Your device must have a data connection and you must be within the zone at the time of writing.